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Kyoto University’s European Center in Heidelberg is now in its fourth year. During the period since its establishment, the situation in Europe has dramatically changed, influencing the region’s academic landscape and changing the role of universities.
In 2014, Kyoto University formulated the WINDOW Concept as a set of principles to guide its operation and development. The concept  envisions the university functioning as a “window,” connecting its academic community with society and world as a whole. Based on that concept, we aim to instil our students with wisdom, an adventurous spirit, and an international perspective. Also, by maintaining a keen awareness of international developments and an ongoing engagement with the international community, we seek to advance our research activities and promote internationalization and innovation through diverse interaction with overseas universities, research institutions, and industry.
In accordance with these principles, Kyoto University’s overseas offices serve as true “windows” to the world. Through the activities of the European Center in Heidelberg, the university actively advances its  collaborative efforts in Europe, and works with its European partners to address global issues.

Kayo Inaba, PhD
Executive Vice-President for Gender Equality, International Affairs, and Public Relations, Kyoto University
Director, Kyoto University European Center