date October 9 to 11, 2017

The 2nd Kyoto University-Universität Hamburg Symposium 2018

General Info


Kyoto University holds international symposia in collaboration with selected partners around the world as a means to share knowledge and new research developments, promote international interdisciplinary research collaboration, and accelerate the generation of new ideas and innovation for the benefit of global society. These goals are in accordance with Kyoto University’s WINDOW Concept, which was formulated in 2014 as overall strategy to guide the institution in its current phase.

Founded in 1919 by local citizens, Universität Hamburg will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2019. Its alumni include several Nobel laureates and other internationally lauded scholars, as well as one of Germany’s former chancellors. It has strong collaborative links with partners in Asia, and is one of Germany’s leading instructions in several academic fields, such as Japanese and Asian studies, physics, and environmental studies.

In recent years, Kyoto University has been actively developing its partnership with Universität Hamburg, including collaboration in the fields mentioned above. The 1st Universität Hamburg-Kyoto University Symposium was held in Hamburg in June 2017, and at that time the two institutions concluded formal agreements for academic cooperation and student exchange.

The second joint symposium aims to further develop the ongoing exchange and collaboration between the two institutions, and also explore several new areas for potential research cooperation that focus on issues relevant to both Japan and Germany. Beyond their own institutional cooperation, the two universities seek to broadly contribute to research collaboration between Germany and Japan as a whole, and to help foster the next generation of highly-skilled international human resources in diverse fields of specialization.



The 2nd Kyoto University-Universität Hamburg Symposium was held at Kyoto University. (Kyoto University ‘s website)