11Global engagementInternational partners / Offices and facilities overseasKyoto University connects with the global community in diverse ways: through academic cooperation and partnerships, its overseas facilities, multilateral networks, and its alumni associations in various countries. International partners are an essential asset to the university, contributing to the development of its research and education endeavors and enriching its activities with multicultural diversity.Research fieldwork sites at locations around the world are also a part of the university’s international network, providing a foundation for local engagement and cooperation. The university’s overseas offices in Heidelberg, Germany and Bangkok, Thailand serve as its bridges to Europe and the ASEAN region, implementing initiatives that capitalize on the unique qualities of those regions. The offices provide support for researchers stationed overseas, and for other international outreach activities.Kyoto University is itself an international hub where researchers from around the world gather to share and disseminate knowledge, promote research and technology transfer, and above all, connect with people who share their East3European Centerin Heidelberg Kyoto UniversityASEAN Centerin Bangkok Europe70

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