12Global engagement International consortia and networks( As of May 1, 2018 )See Facts and Figures pp. 7–10, 13University-level memoranda worldwide179Overseas facilities59International university consortia and networks facilitate the development of academic cooperation among their member institutions, and also link universities with other stakeholders in society. The regional and thematic scopes of such networks facilitate a diverse range of international engagement by the associationsKyoto University maintains an expanding network of former students, researchers, and academic staff through its alumni associations. Currently, there are approximately 100 alumni associations in Japan and overseas.The university promotes networking opportunities among all of its alumni, regardless of their location, and each regional association also plays a key role locally—bringing together those with shared personal experiences, and a shared affection for their alma institutions Kyoto University overseas facilitiesLatin America2North America25San Diego Liaison Office © Osaka University

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