16General degree programsInternational Graduate Programme for East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Course in Agricultural Sciences−For the Global Future of Life,Food and the / Frontier in Life ScienceEnergy Energy Science CourseUndergraduate International Course Program of Civil Course in Management of Civil Infrastructure in the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering Course in Urban and Regional Development in the Department of Urban Engineering Course, Human Security Engineering FieldEngineeringGlobal Environmental Environmental Management Course in Primatology and Wildlife Project Management CourseInternational Course in Intelligence Science and TechnologyInternational Course in Social InformaticsInternational Course in Communications and Computer Some faculties have different systems. Please refer to the websites of individual faculties and graduate schools for further details.Kyoto University degree systemBACHELOR 4 yearsMASTER 2 yearsDOCTOR 3 yearsDOCTOR 5 years

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