General information19By integrating the efforts of diverse faculties and departments throughout the university, ILAS plans and implements the courses that are common to all of the university’s undergraduate programs, such as courses in the liberal arts, foreign languages, and introductory courses on basic sciences.This ensures that the university’s undergraduate programs are well balanced and provide a rich liberal arts and sciences component to complement their major fields of specialization. It also enables the programs to better meet students’ individual interests and career plans. The institute provides over two hundred courses entirely in English, helping Japanese students to cultivate an international mindset and providing international students with flexible curricula options. ILAS Seminars for first-year students are designed to ensure a smooth transition from high school to university education. The approach taken by ILAS helps students to broaden their horizons, develop new interests, and ultimately become more versatile and for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) Kyoto University Library Network The library plays a central role in the accumulation and curation of the university’s intellectual assets, and in facilitating their utilization for education, research, and community engagement. Its collection includes over seven million books, including a designated national treasure and other highly valuable items.In addition to a wide range of journals, books, and databases, the library also provides online access to the university’s research information repository and its digital archive of rare materials. The main library building includes versatile facilities to support study and research, such as the Learning Commons (group-work space) and the Media Commons (multimedia facility) education and research facilities

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