General information20Established in 1899, Kyoto University Hospital has trained leading experts in diverse medical fields for over a century, and made significant contributions to the advancement of medicine and healthcare in Japan. As a government-certified institution, it provides a wide array of advanced treatments, and currently comprises 33 clinical departments, a central clinical section, and departments of pharmacy and nursing. Functioning as both a cutting-edge medical research facility and a community-oriented healthcare institution, the hospital’s mission focuses on the three areas of medical care, research, and education. In fulfilling its mission, the hospital provides high-quality patient-oriented medical care (including a state-of-the-art Cancer Center), develops innovative new medical treatments in cooperation with other research facilities (such as the university’s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application [CiRA]), and fosters conscientious and compassionate healthcare professionals. University HospitalThe Kyoto University MuseumThe Kyoto University Museum is a center for research based on specimens accumulated by the university’s scholars throughout the course of its long history. To this day, it continues to advance groundbreaking new research utilizing its expanding collection, which currently comprises 2.6 million items that are relevant to a wide spectrum of fields—from cultural sciences, to natural history, to engineering. The museum is open to the public, exhibiting highlights from its collection and showcasing the university’s research activities.The museum also serves as a bridge connecting the university with the community—through exhibitions, lectures, and other events. It is also the coordinating institution of a worldwide network of university museums, and has organized several international symposia focusing on the new research field of museum

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