24General information123467933103534363740414243444558383919241122282930323127232620151617211814131225Facilities throughout JapanSince its establishment, Kyoto University has been renowned for its diverse fieldwork achievements. To facilitate those efforts, the university maintains a number of facilities at locations throughout Japan that serve as valuable resources for the activities of researchers.Field Science Education andResearch Center Hokkaido Forest Research StationShibecha Branch, Hokkaido Hokkaido Forest Research StationShiranuka Branch, Hokkaido Ashiu Forest Research Station, Kyoto Kamigamo Experimental Station, Kyoto Kitashirakawa Experimental Station, Kyoto Maizuru Fisheries Research Station, Kyoto Kii-Oshima Research Station, Wakayama Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Wakayama Wakayama Forest Research Station, Wakayama Tokuyama Experimental Station, YamaguchiGraduate School of Agriculture Livestock Farm, Kyoto Laboratory of Crop Evolution, Kyoto Experimental Farm, KyotoGraduate School of Engineering Research Center for EnvironmentalQuality Management, ShigaDisaster Prevention Research Institute Ogata Wave Observatory, Niigata Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory, Gifu Kamitakara Observatory, Gifu Hokuriku Observatory, Fukui Osakayama Observatory, Shiga Ujigawa Open Laboratory, Kyoto Abuyama Observatory, Osaka Donzurubo Observatory, Nara Shionomisaki Wind Effect Laboratory, Wakayama Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory, Wakayama Tottori Observatory, Tottori Tokushima Observatory, Tokushima Tokushima Landslide Observatory, Tokushima Miyazaki Observatory, Miyazaki Sakurajima Volcanological Observatory, KagoshimaGraduate School of Science Kiso Biological Station, Nagano Hida Observatory, Gifu Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto Ouda Station of Department ofAstronomy, Nara Okayama Observatory, Okayama Beppu Geothermal Research Laboratory, Oita Aso Volcanological Laboratory, KumamotoResearch Institute for SustainableHumanosphere Shigaraki MU Observatory, Shiga Living-sphere Simulation Field, KagoshimaWildlife Research Center Koshima Field-Station, Miyazaki Kumamoto Sanctuary, Kumamoto Yakushima Field-Station, KagoshimaOthers Tokyo Office, Tokyo Primate Research Institute, Aichi Center for Ecological Research, Shiga Institute for Integrated Radiationand Nuclear Science, Osaka136791422242629303335364043581825414245410122738343911442151617192831323720212313Hokkaido Forest Research StationShiranuka Branch, HokkaidoHida Observatory, GifuShirahama Oceanographic Observatory, WakayamaSakurajima Volcanological Observatory, Kagoshima283043

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