3Message from the PresidentProfile of the President its foundation in 1897, Kyoto University has fostered a culture of academic freedom grounded in a spirit of self-reliance and self-respect. For its students and researchers, I believe that the university should function as a “window” to society and the world at large, and that it must be an institution that can respond to the needs and demands of the current era. My role as president, therefore, is to work together with all of Kyoto University’s faculty and staff members to achieve that, and to ensure that each of our talented and ambitious students are inspired to venture out into the world with confidence to realize their full potential. In line with this, I have made “WINDOW” the keyword for Kyoto University’s current phase, with each of its letters standing to remind the whole university of our key objectives (see the adjacent page for details).At Kyoto University, we seek, through creative education and research, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and wisdom, and to participate in the search for solutions to pressing global-scale issues. I invite highly motivated students and researchers from around the world to join us in our endeavors. Juichi YamagiwaSeptember 2018

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