4Message from the PresidentMore about the WINDOW Concept in our students the practical skills and resources to venture into new realms of knowledge, together with sound judgment and decision-making skills.WWild and WiseEnhancing and internationalizing our education and research environment to provide increasingly fertile ground for innovation and new developments.IInternational and InnovativeLooking to nature as our closest and greatest teacher, and maintaining an awareness of our human dignity as part of the natural world.NNatural and NobleMaintaining an open mind towards diverse cultures and ways of thinking, and providing a calm vantage point from which our scholars can approach their studies, informed by the vast span of history.DDiverse and DynamicCultivating the ability to fearlessly embrace errors and criticism as opportunities to learn new perspectives and integrate them into our path to success.OOriginal and OptimisticProviding an environment that fosters aspiration and confidence through the Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality and support for student career-path development.WWomen and the WorldWINDOW - A Vision for the Future

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