1st Southeast Asia Network Forum held at the University of Yangon to mark the conclusion of Memorandum for Academic Cooperation and Exchange (22 September 2015)

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) for academic cooperation and exchange was concluded between Kyoto University and the University of Yangon (Myanmar) at a signing ceremony held at the University of Yangon’s Arts Hall on 22 September 2015. The Kyoto University delegation included Prof Kayo Inaba, executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and public relations, Prof Yasuyuki Kono, director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and Prof Mamoru Shibayama, director of the Kyoto University ASEAN Center. The Myanmar delegation included Dr Zaw Min Aung, deputy minister of education, Myanmar and Dr Pho Kaung, pro-rector of the University of Yangon.

The signing of the MOU is the latest development in Kyoto University’s collaborative engagements in Myanmar. Current initiatives include the Graduate School of Engineering’s participation in the Project to Enhance Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar, which is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), as well as five collaborative research projects with the University of Yangon. Through the newly concluded MOU, the two universities aim to further develop their existing collaboration.

Following the signing ceremony, the 1st Southeast Asia Network Forum was held to commemorate the conclusion of the new agreement. The forum featured keynote speeches by scholars involved in collaborative research between the two universities, and seminars covering the three themes of: “Bio-resources Management for a Sustainable Future”, “Advanced Energy Materials in Myanmar”, and “Political and Social Order in Changing Myanmar”.

Executive Vice-President Kayo Inaba of Kyoto University (right) and Pro-Rector Pho Kaung of the University of Yangon (left)

Executive Vice-President Inaba wearing traditional Myanmar dress. The clothing was presented as a gift by the University of Yangon

The signing ceremony delegates

The 1st Southeast Asia Network Forum