Annex concluded to the Strategic Partnership Agreement with National Taiwan University (4 November 2021)

On 4 November 2021, an online signing ceremony was held to conclude an annex to the Strategic Partnership Agreement between Kyoto University and National Taiwan University (NTU), which was concluded last year. The annex will facilitate the implementation of a joint funding program by Kyoto University and NTU.

The signing ceremony opened with addresses by Professor Yasuyuki Kono, Kyoto University’s vice-president for international strategy, and Professor Hsiao-Wei Yuan, NTU’s vice president for international affairs, who had also held an online meeting prior to the ceremony. The opening addresses were followed by speeches by Ms Ikuyo Murashima, head of the Cultural Affairs and Public Relations Department of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, and Ms Shu-Ying Chen, chairperson of the Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni Association, both of whom expressed their expectations for future collaboration between the two universities.

Through the joint funding program, Kyoto University will accelerate existing research exchange, implement research collaboration in new academic fields, and promote personnel mobility to further strengthen its cooperation with NTU.

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