Memorandum for Academic Cooperation and Exchange Concluded with China Medical University in Taiwan (September 28, 2022)

A memorandum for academic cooperation and exchange between Kyoto University and China Medical University (CMU) in Taiwan was concluded at a signing ceremony held online on September 28, 2022.

CMU is a medical research university with nine colleges: the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Chinese Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Public Health, College of Health Care, College of Life Sciences, College of Humanities and Technology, and College of Biomedical Engineering. The China Medical University Hospital is a Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited medical center, and the CMU Healthcare System has a total of over 6,000 beds.

President Nagahiro Minato, Prof. Kyoko Inagaki (Executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and external affairs), Prof. Yasuyuki Kono (Vice-president for international strategy), and Prof. Hiroshi Kawamoto (Director of the Institute for Life and Medical Sciences) attended the signing ceremony on behalf of Kyoto University. The CMU delegates included President Mien-Chie Hung, Vice President John S. Kuo, Professor Long-Bin Jeng (CEO of China Medical University and Hospital), Professor Liang-Yo Yang (Dean of Global Affairs), Professor Ta-Jen Liu (University Consultant) and staff members.