RENKEI Researcher Workshop and Annual Meeting Held at Newcastle University (December 2–5, 2019)

The RENKEI (Japan-UK Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives) Researcher Workshop was held on December 2–4, 2019, at Newcastle University in the UK, followed by the RENKEI Steering Committee Meeting on December 5. Prof. Yasuto Tachikawa, Kyoto University’s deputy executive vice-president for international affairs participated in the events, together with two other faculty members and one doctoral student. As with the previous year’s Researcher Workshop, the theme was “Climate Change,” and Kyoto University, as one of RENKEI’s lead universities, participated in developing the program.

During the workshop, Prof. Tachikawa’s research group on water management was selected to receive one of two £5,000 seed funds awarded by RENKEI. The two seed-funded research groups will present their work at next year’s workshop, which will be held in Kyoto.


At the RENKEI Steering Committee Meeting, the participants discussed the RENKEI activities planned for the coming year, and approval was granted to a climate change workshop to be held at Kyoto University on June 22–24, 2021, and a workshop on health to be held at Nagoya University in the autumn (specific schedule TBC).

Participants of the Steering Committee Meeting

Members of the “Improved Water Management: A Citizen Science Co-Design Approach” research group, which was awarded a RENKEI seed fund