Thailand National Model ASEAN (MAM) @ Chulalongkorn University on 22th – 24th March 2016

On 22 -24 April, Kyoto University attended Model ASEAN Meeting at Chulalongkorn University as an observer. The aim of this meeting is for building up the leaderships skill to the students and lead them to understand the working world of the people who has the important role towards the country.

The Model ASEAN Meeting , held under the theme “Climate Change” consisted of 3 pillars; 1. Political Security 2. Economic Community and 3. Socio-cultural Community. There were almost 60 participants gathered. Most of them were from Chulalongkorn University’s students. The opening address and welcome speech delivered by Prof. Patcharawalai Wongboonsin, Executive Deputy Director ASEAN Studies Center, followed by Ms. Elaine Tan, Executive Director ASEAN Foundation, Ms. Uni Prayuti, Senior program officer, ASEAN Foundation, and Dr. Suwit Mangkhala, Counsellor, Department of ASEAN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, the students set up teams and started the role play as senior officials from the assigned countries. They discussed and summarised the issues according to the agenda.

This is the strongly skill to get closer to the government or leader role. They can share and exchange the ideas from the sight of the country they take part in to other people. Also, they can learn how to think systematically as senior officer’s perspective. Students can recognize global warming issue try to debate resolution process from each agenda. This meeting will take an effort to accomplish the leadership role.