Kyoto University attended The Southeast Asia Network Forum @ Padan, Indonesia.

 Kyoto University, led by Dr. Kayo Inaba, executive vice president for Gender Equality, International Affairs, and Public Relations, attended to the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Future for Human Security (SustaiN Conference) and 3rd International Conference on Green Development in Tropical Regions (ICGDTR) in conjunction with the 11th Southeast Asia Network Forum on October 29, 2018, at Padang, Indonesia.

In this regard, Dr. Kayo Inaba delivered the welcome address to the attendees. This forum covered with 6 topics including

1. Energy and Environment

2. Sustainable Tropical Forest

3. Sustainable Agriculture

4. Sustainable Built Environment

5. Climate Change

6. Social issues

The forum provided you to understand and motivate the awareness of the social responsibility to achieve a sustainable future for Human Security. Thank you for inviting us to attend.