Prof. Yoshiko Takahashi meets the Vice presidents of Heidelberg University

On September 22nd Prof. Yoshiko Takahashi, Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Kyoto University visited Heidelberg University.

In a meeting with Heidelberg University Vice President Prof. Dr. Heermann and Vice President Prof. Dr. Hashmi visions about future collaborations between Heidelberg University and Kyoto University were shared. The discussion included questions concerning the differences between the German and Japanese university’s systems and ways to encourage interdisciplinary studies without abandoning traditional once. Further ideas on how the collaboration between German and Japanese universities could be beneficial to strengthen the Humanities (in Japan) and exchange of teaching and research in general were discussed.

Afterwards, we visited the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS). Prof. Takahashi, whose own research is focused on developmental biology, met with Prof. Jochen Wittbrodt and Prof. Ingrid Lohmann in Im Neuenheimer Feld Campus Heidelberg. We were impressed when Prof. Wittbrodt told us about the Bertalanffy Lecture Series, which was held 10 times so far. It is a seminar for high school students to introduce them into state of the art research and inspire them to become researchers. It is supported by a generous donor who wants to return the profit he made to contribute to the welfare of society.

Subsequently Prof. Takahashi, whose own research is focused on developmental biology, discussed her current research with Prof. Lohmann. They spent significant amount of time