European Association for International Education (EAIE) (11/24–27 | Helsinki)

The European Association for International Education (EAIE) networking conference was held in Helsinki (Finland) from 24 to 27 September. The Kyoto University European Center, a student exchange coordinator from Kyoto and the director of North American Center (Washington) represented the Kyoto University.

About 6,200 people from 65 countries came together for a variety of networking activities, workshops and panel discussions mainly addressing challenges of promoting internationalization. Each “Study in ○○” booth had a unique design that contained the national flag colors. It was a very colorful display and one could recognize each country’s booth at first glance.

We arranged many meetings with coordinators from seventeen European universities, four North American universities and one South American university. We discussed potential or follow-up Student Exchange Agreements (SEA) and information on exchange student mobility. As a result of these meetings, new SEAs may be concluded offering students new opportunities to study abroad. The conference was also a chance to strengthening the connections between our overseas centers and Kyoto and the situation of Europe, North America and Japan. We were also happy to see many friends and colleagues we have met in the past on other occasions. It was a fruitful week.

Helsinki was quite cold at that time (around 0 degrees at a minimum). Yet it was a good opportunity to learn about Finnish cultural and its historical characteristics.

Next EAIE 2020 will be held in Barcelona in Spain.

People networking in EAIE

Kyoto University booth at Study in Japan