DNA for ECRs: Networking & Collaborating in Global Science (On-site | 11–12 November 2022)

Of all roles an early career researcher must play, perhaps the most important is being an expert networker. Sources stress that making connections with colleagues in and out of their peer research group, maintaining those contacts, and always striving for broadening the network is the key to a scientific career and to securing financial backing of projects. Moreover, in today’s era of “global science” it is important to collaborate internationally in order to be successful. Through our seminar you will learn basic skills for effective networking, acquire skills for intercultural understanding and for managing international teams.

This time, the workshop will be held in Tokyo for the first time (German Cultural Centre).  Travel cost and accommodation fee will be provided by Kyoto University European Center. 


  • Why & How to Network Effectively
  • Building Your Global Career Network
  • Time to Reflect: Your Visibility in Global Science
  • Getting Involved in Global Research
  • Working with Diverse / International Teams
  • Tools & Resources
  • Your Next Steps?!




For registration, please register here. The registration deadline is 25 October 2022.