International Symposia

Kyoto University hosts and participates in a wide range of international symposia. By bringing together some of the most prominent international scholars, these events aim to strengthen collaboration in research and education, as well as to promote the exchange of knowledge, skills, and ideas.

Kyoto University European Center supported these Symposia below.

For the list of all International Symposia,

Kyoto University Global Engagement: International Symposia


(Sweden-Kyoto Symposium 2014, provided by Stockholm University)


2nd Kyoto University – Universität Hamburg Symposium 2018

Oct. 10-11, 2018, Kyoto

1. Law
2. Sociology
3. Management
4. Digital Transformation in Logistics
5. Ecological Research
6. Development
7. Climate


The 3rd Bordeaux – Kyoto International Symposium

Jun 29-30, 2017, Bordeaux

1. Cohort Study and Human Biology
2. Diagnostic Equipment and Biomaterials
3. Medical Imaging
4. Drug Development


Universität Hamburg – Kyoto University Symposium 2017

Jun 6-8, 2017, Hamburg

1. Manuscript Culture
2. Physics
3. Law and Economics
4. Polymer Chemistry
5. Japanese Studies
6. Japanese Infection Research


Kyoto-Swiss Symposium 2016

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2016, Kyoto

University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland

1. Healthy Aging
2. Primate Morphology and Behavior
3. Plants in Changing Environments: Systems in Action
4. Digital Society and Big Data Era
5. Investigations into the Disciplines of Japanese and East Asian Art Histories:Exchanges between Japan and Europe, wit h a Focus on Switzerland
6. Regenerative Medicine for Cardiac and Neural Diseases


Grand Challenges Symposium 2015- Demographic Change and Longevity

Dec 8-9, 2015, Kyoto

University College London (UCL), England
Osaka University, Japan
Tohoku University, Japan
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

1. Employment and economy in ageing society: Older adults as a societal resource
2. Health & wellbeing of older adults
3. Youth and intergenerational equity in ageing societies : Future for ageing society


Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto Symposium

Nov 5-6, 2015, Bristol

1. Healthy Living and Active Aging
2. Plant Sciences: Cell Signaling and Development
3. Chemistry and Materials
4. Economic Geography: Global Political Economy
5. Gender in Popular Culture


The 2nd Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium 2015

May 22-23, 2015, Kyoto

1. Urban Governance
2. Science for Cultural Heritage
3. Computer Science and Production/Logistics Systems
4. Material Science
5. Nutrition and Food Science
6. Medical Imaging
7. Public Health
8. Academia-Industry Collaboration for Future Health Promotion


Sweden-Kyoto Symposium 2014

Sept 11-12, 2014, Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden

Stockholm University, Sweden
Uppsala University, Sweden
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

1. Nuclear Fission and Fusion
2. Smart Energy Systems ? Energy Storage (Battery, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Storage), Access Network, and Control System
3. Comprehensive Control of Cognitive Impairment ? Aging Issues
4. Bio-informatics- Life Science and Information Science
5. Human-Centered Design of Sociotechnical Symbiotic Systems
6. Cutting-edge Organic Chemistry- Organic Synthesis, Element Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Chemical Biology
7. Micro-engineering- Microfluidics Devices and Advanced Surface Engineering
8. Ethics/Political Philosophy- Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy
9. Outstanding Young Researchers- Academic Diversity, Academic Freedom
10. Ecology and Evolution ? Indirect Interactive Web: Linking Evolution with Ecosystem