date September 11th-12th, 2014

Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto Symposium

General Info


This Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto joint symposium aims to strengthen tripartite partnerships between the University of Bristol, the University of Heidelberg and Kyoto University. The three universities are world-leading institutions in research and education in Britain, Germany and Japan.
There have been ongoing efforts to foster bilateral collaborations among the three universities by organising international symposia and forming inter-university consortiums. First Bristol and then Kyoto hosted bilateral symposia in 2013 and 2014 to explore and facilitate joint research agendas, whilst Heidelberg and Kyoto have continually extended and intensified their bilateral collaboration in many fields since 1990; in 2014/15 both established a liaison office at the respective partner university.

This joint symposium aims to broaden the existing bilateral frameworks and explore new possibilities to promote academic exchange and collaborative research in strategic areas common among the three universities. The joint symposium represents an initial step towards developing active links and forming intellectual links basis among the three universities.

Date: 5-6 November, 2015
Venue: University of Bristol