date June 29th-30th, 2017

The 3rd Bordeaux – Kyoto International Symposium

General Info

The 3rd Bordeaux – Kyoto International Symposium


June 29-30, 2017


Université de Bordeaux - Campus de Talence


Kyoto University holds international symposia in collaboration with selected partners around the world as a means to share knowledge and new research developments, promote international interdisciplinary research collaboration, and accelerate the generation of new ideas and innovation for the benefit of global society. These goals are in accordance with Kyoto University’s WINDOW Concept, which was formulated in 2014 as a comprehensive strategy to guide the institution in its current phase.

Kyoto University will co-host the 3rd Bordeaux-Kyoto Symposium in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux. The symposium seeks to advance innovative research in cutting-edge areas of the medicine and engineering fields, with an emphasis on industry-academia collaboration.

Research collaboration in diverse fields between Kyoto University and the University of Bordeaux has already made significant progress through the 1st Bordeaux-Kyoto Symposium, which was held at the University of Bordeaux in May 2014, and the 2nd symposium, which was held at Kyoto University in May 2015. The 3rd edition of the symposium will include substantial involvement by participants from the industrial sector in order to create further opportunities for industry-academia collaboration.


  1. Session 1: Cohort Study and Human Biology
  2. Session 2: Diagnostic Equipment and Biomaterials
  3. Session 3: Medical Imaging
  4. Session 4: Drug Development


Kyoto University Representative

Juichi Yamagiwa, President
Nagahiro Minato, Executive Vice-President for Research, Planning, and Hospital Administration

Symposium Coordinators

Teruyuki Kondo
Fumihiko Matsuda
Yasutaka Fushimi


International Affairs Division
  Osami Eda
  Satoko Nakajima
  Kazuhiro Kosaka

University Research Administrator
  Chiyoko Kanno
  Taro Sonobe