date September 1st-2nd, 2014

Kyoto University and National Taiwan University Symposium 2014


Session Coordinators are now fixed.

August 6, 2014
Session Name Kyoto University Coordinator National Taiwan University Coordinator
Advanced Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Prof Tetsuya Sumi

Disaster Prevention Research Institute

Division Chief Jihn-Sung Lai
Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research
Agriculture Prof Fumito Tani
Graduate School of Agriculture
Asst Prof Wei-Li Liang
College of Bioresources and Agriculture
Biology Prof Atsuko Sehara
Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences
Professor Hsin-yu Lee
College of Life Science
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Prof Ken Umeno
Graduate School of Informatics
Prof Yao-Wen Chang
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Humanities Associate Professor Tetsuji Iseda
Graduate School of Letters
Prof Shing-ching Shyu
College of Liberal Arts
Law Prof Toru Mouri
Graduate School of Law
Prof Tzu-Chiang Chen
College of Law
Management Prof Naoki Wakabayashi
Graduate School of Management
Prof Chih-Ping Wei
College of Management
Medicine Professor Fumihiko Matsuda
Graduate School of Medicine
Prof Tsai-Kun Li
College of Medicine
Museum Assoc Prof Hidetoshi Nagamasu
Kyoto University Museum
Prof Hsueh-Hua Chen
The Department of Library and Information Science / University Librarian and Coordinator of NTU Museums
Nano Science and Technology Prof Norihiro Tokitoh
Institute for Chemical Research
Research Fellow Li-Chyong Chen
Center for Condensed Matter Science
Natural Hazard and Global Change Prof Shigeo Yoden
Graduate School of Science
Prof Yih-Min Wu
College of Science
Public Health Prof Shunichi Fukuhara
Graduate School of Medicine
Prof Chang-Chuan Chan
College of Public Health
Research and Development David Hajime Kornhauser
URA Office
Assoc Dean Andrew M. Wo
Office of Research and Development
Social Sciences Prof Kimio Ito
Graduate School of Letters
Prof Lih-Rong Wang
College of Social Sciences