date September 1st-2nd, 2014

Kyoto University and National Taiwan University Symposium 2014

Social Sciences

September 1st

@ Class Room 311, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics East Bldg, Yoshida Main Campus


Parallel Session 1

Methodology and Application of Economic Analysis

Chair: Takayuki Tsuruga

13:30- 13:35 Takekazu Iwamoto Opening Address
13:35-14:15 Sheng-Kai Chang Simulation Estimation of Limited Dependent Variable Models
14:15-14:55 Hisaki Kono Determinants and Impacts of Health Insurance Nonutilization
14:55-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:10 Masanori Kashiwagi The Cyclical Properties of Unemployment and Vacancies in Taiwan
16:10-16:50 Takayuki Tsuruga The Safer, the Riskier: A Model of Bank Leverage and Financial Instability
16:50-17:30 General Discussion

September 2nd

@ Conference Room, 1st floor, Faculty of Letters Main Bldg, Yoshida Main Campus



Parallel Session 2

Changing East Asia

Chair: Hiroshi Tarohmaru

  Szue-chin Philip Hsu The Growing Budgetary Accountability in China: Innovations in Local People’s Congresses
  Chen-Dong Tso Threat, Cost, and Timing of FTA Proliferation: Taiwan's Reaction to Trans-Pacific Partnership
  Ming-Sho Ho Occupy Congress in Taiwan: The Origins and Dynamics of the Sunflower Movement
  Ming-Tsung Lee New Media, Old Framing: The Discourses Struggle during the Congress Occupation Movement in Taiwan - March 18-April 10, 2014
  Hiroshi Tarohmaru Trends of Work Values in Japan, 1973-2008

Parallel Session 3

Gender Structures and Gender Policies in Contemporary Taiwan and Japan

Chair: Kimio Ito

  Kimio Ito Gender Structure and Gender Policy in Post-War Japan
  Lillian Lih-Rong Wang The politics and gender equality development in Taiwan
  Emiko Ochiai Ideological Background of Failure in Japan’s Reforms
  Closing and Conclusion