date September 1st-2nd, 2014

Kyoto University and National Taiwan University Symposium 2014


campus map

Advanced Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Session
Room No 3, 3rd floor,
Collaborative Research Hub DPRI Bldg, Uji Campus

Agriculture related Session
Seminar Room W-322,
Faculty of Agriculture Main Bldg, North Campus

Biology related Session
Seminar Room 1, 1st floor,
South Research Bldg No 1, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences West Bldg, University Hospital, West Campus

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Session
NS Hall, 3rd floor
Research Bldg No 8, Yoshida Main Campus

Humanities Session
Large Meeting Room, Basement floor
Faculty of Letters Main Bldg., Yoshida Main Campus

Law Session
Classroom No 10, 2nd floor
Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics Main Bldg, Yoshida Main Campus

Management Session
Case Study Seminar Room and Multi-Media Lecture Room, 3rd floor
Research Bldg.2, Yoshida Main Campus

Medicine Session
Seminar Room 2, 2nd floor
Shiran Kaikan Annex, Faculty of Medicine Campus

Museum Session
Lecture room, 3rd floor
Kyoto University Museum, Yoshida Main Campus

Nano Science and Technology Session
Seminar Room 4&5, 1st floor
Obaku Plaza, Uji Campus

Natural Hazard and Global Change Session
Masukawa Hall, 1st floor
North Comprehensive Education and Research Bldg, North Campus

Public Health Session
Seminar room, 3rd floor
Faculty of Medicine Bldg. G, Faculty of Medicine Campus

Research and Development Session
Seminar Room, 2nd floor
iCeMS Main Bldg, West Campus

Social Sciences Session
Class Room 311, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics East Bldg (on Sep 1)and Conference Room, 1st floor, Faculty of Letters Main Bldg (on Sep 2),
Yoshida Main Campus