date September 11th-12th, 2014

2nd Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium 2015

General Info


Building on the success of the inaugural Bordeaux–Kyoto symposium held in Bordeaux on 5–6 May 2014, the 2nd joint symposium by Kyoto University and the University of Bordeaux will be held in Kyoto on 22–23 May 2015.

In June 2014, Kyoto University launched The 2x by 2020 Initiative, a new strategy aimed at promoting internationalization and a collaborative approach to research and education, and thereby contributing to the development of world-class knowledge. As a core part of this strategy, Kyoto University is actively engaged in organizing a series of international symposia both in Japan and overseas.

In France, three individual institute rich in tradition made a fresh start and united as a comprehensive university in January 2014. Soon after this reorganization, the first Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium was held in Bordeaux. Knowledge, skills, and insights relating to a wide range of scientific fields were shared at this symposium attended by over 200 participants. In the midst of considerable change, both universities’ approach to multidisciplinary collaboration is continuing to advance based on a shared culture of tradition and cutting-edge research.

For the 2nd joint symposium, the following eight sessions have been selected as priority fields of research for both universities. The discussions that will ensue as a result of this symposium will not only provide opportunities to enhance academic partnership between Japan and France, but also encourage researchers to explore new ways to cooperate and nurture global leadership capacities in the 21st century.

  1. Urban Governance
  2. Science for Cultural Heritage
  3. Computer Science and Production/Logistics Systems
  4. Material Science
  5. Nutrition and Food Science
  6. Medical Imaging
  7. Public Health
  8. Academia-Industry Collaboration for Future Health Promotion