date October 31 and November 1, 2016

Kyoto-Swiss Symposium

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

会場:京都大学 吉田キャンパス 国際科学イノベーション棟

Venue: “International Science Innovation Building” in Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University



Mike Martin, University of Zurich

横出 正之 (医学部附属病院 臨床研究総合センター) Masayuki Yokode, Kyoto University


Day 1: October 31, 13:30-17:45 Parallel Session 1

13:30-13:35 横出 正之 (医学部附属病院 臨床研究総合センター)
Masayuki Yokode, Kyoto University
Opening Remark and Introduction
13:35-14:05 近藤 祥司 (医学研究科 高齢者医療ユニット 糖尿病内分泌栄養内科)
Hiroshi Kondoh, Kyoto University
Individual Variability in Human Blood Metabolites Identifies Age-related Differences
14:05-14:35 Edouard J. Battegay, University of Zurich Challenges of Multimorbidity for Decision-making and Healthcare in Aging Populations
14:35-15:05 木下 彩栄(医学研究科 人間健康科学系専攻)
Ayae Kinoshita, Kyoto University
The Care System for the Elderly in Japan
15:05-15:35 Florian Riese, University of Zurich Healthy until the End: Defining and Measuring Meaningful Health Outcomes in the Last Phase of Life

15:35-15:50  Coffee Break


15:50-16:20 田原 康玄 (医学研究科 ゲノム医学センター)
Yasuharu Tabara, Kyoto University
The Nagahama Study: Previous Findings, Current Status, Future Perspectives
16:20-16:50 Susan Mérillat, University of Zurich The Longitudinal Healthy Aging Brain (LHAB) Database - An Innovative Sample Case of a Data Repository to Study Age-related Changes in Brain Structure and Behavior
16:50-17:30 Discussion 1

Day 2: November 1, 9:00-12:00 Parallel Session 2


9:00-9:30 Mike Martin, University of Zurich Healthy Aging Activity Analytics: Developing Real Life Health Outcomes to Determine the Effects of Healthy Aging Interventions
9:30-10:00 大畑 光司 (京都大学 医学研究科)
Koji Ohata, Kyoto University
Gait Re-learning with Rehabilitation Robot Devices for Individuals after a Stroke
10:00-11:00 Lab Tour  (Ohata lab) & Coffee Break
11:00-11:50 Discussion 2
11:50-12:00 Mike Martin, University of Zurich Closing Address