Online Presidents’ Meeting held with the University of Zurich(April 21, 2021)

On April 21, 2021, an online meeting was held with the University of Zurich, one of Kyoto University’s strategic partner institutions. The meeting included a review of collaborative activities to date, a discussion about the progress of the KU-UZH joint research funding program, and discussions on the development of future collaborative activities. The participants from Kyoto University were President Nagahiro Minato, Executive Vice-President Kyoko Inagaki, Vice-President Yasuyuki Kono, and Deputy Executive Vice-President Mika Yokoyama (director of the European Center).

The participants from the University of Zurich were President Michael Schaepman, Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger (Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information), and Dr. Christian Simm (head of the International Relations Office).


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