[Information] Kyoto-DAAD Partnership Programme2024 : Information
[AI DA] Team, Kyoto University Research Administration Office
Deadline: Friday, 15 September 2023

The call for DAAD – Kyoto University Partnership Programme SDGs to start in 2024 has begun

– Wishing for building an international research network for the future –



The “DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Programme” aims to foster academic exchange and co-operation between institutions of higher education and research institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany and Kyoto University in order to promote joint research projects and scientific collaboration in any field connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through funding to increase the mobility of junior scholars and Early Career Researcher (ECR) Early Career Researchers (ECR) include students still pursuing their doctoral degree and scholars holding a Ph.D -degree for no longer than 5 years, excluding time for childcare leave.



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[AI DA] Team, Kyoto University Research Administration Office

E-mail: aida (at) kura.kyoto-u.ac.jp