Development of intracellular delivery system applicable to 3D micro-tissue
Misao Akishiba
Doctoral Student: Institute for Chemical Research
Host Institution: Helmholtz Zentrum München
Duration of stay: March 5-15, 2019

Host Institution:

  • Prof. Matthias Meier, Group Leader, Helmholtz Zentrum München 

Duration of stay:

  • March 5-15, 2019 


  • Laying the foundations for a long-term research stay at Helmholtz Zentrum

Motivation for AIDA application

Developing an intracellular delivery system for micromolecules

In my past research, I developed an intracellular delivery system for micromolecules. In order to evaluate its efficiency, I want to utilize 3D tissue models cultivated in micro tubes. Since one of the research groups at Helmholtz Zentrum (Munich) combines research in microengineering and tissue engineering, I wished to collaborate with them. I was also thinking about prolonged research stay.

I applied for AI DA because I want to improve my work based on the groundwork undertaken at Helmholtz Zentrum, experience the research environment, visit their laboratories and discuss my research with experts in this field. In addition, I hoped that the result of this stay would develop into a future research topic.



Prepared for my future long-term research stay in Helmholz Zentrum

The purpose of this stay was to prepare a long-term stay in April 2019. By discussing each other’s research projects and technical details related to my experiments, I became familiar with my fellow researchers and the equipment at Helmholz. Thereby I was able prepare my experiment even before staying there as a research group member.

Another major benefit of my stay was the experience of an atmosphere, which nurtures joint research between students and postdocs of different laboratories. During my one-week stay in the lab and at the HPC kick-off meeting in the institute, I found an especially open environment for discussing scientific problem.

Coffee break after lunch


Microfluidic device in the Meier lab.
3D tissue culture is enabled by using originally designed microfluidic chip.

International Staff Service. They support foreign PostDocs /PhD students for visa application, opening bank account and so on, as well as working contract. I visited them several times.


I want to expand the research network in the fields of microengineering and 3D tissue development in order to utilize it for my research project. Since I was able to set up my own lab space during this stay, I can start working immediately after taking my position in the research group. I also consider applying for fellowships and long-term funding for future research stays in Germany.