[News] [AI DA] team released the Activity Report 2021 "[AI DA] Review 2021"
[AI DA] team, KURA
Date: Thursday, March 31, 2022

 [AI DA] team released the Activity Report 2021 “[AI DA] Review 2021”


The [AI DA] programme has recently produced an activity report over the past two years, which has been published as a booklet and made available in PDF format on the website.

[AI DA] Review 2021 PDF version


■Contents: Preface / [AI DA] Programmes / Early Career Researchers’ Reports / Event Reports / Fluent Networks

The prolonged outbreak of the new coronavirus forced early career researchers (ECRs) to abandon the initially planned short-term stay supported through the DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Program toward SDGs, a matching fund program with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which is one of the pillars of the [AI DA] programme. Nevertheless, ECRs from Kyoto University reported that they were able to utilize the funds we provided to conduct research exchanges and networking with German researchers.
In addition, in the activity report, we introduced some of our “fluent network” partners in Japan that support the research activities of ECRs in the same way we do, and reported on the various exchange events, lectures, symposia, etc. that we have organized in collaboration with these partners.

We would like to continue to provide support to highly motivated ECRs and to foster a “network” with partners who support ECRs together through the activities of the [AI DA] programme.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support of our efforts.