Overseas Partner Institutions

As of June 10, 2024

Kyoto University pursues international research collaboration through academic cooperation and exchange agreements with leading international universities and other institutions.

176 universities, 2 university alliances and 16 other institutions (194 in total) in 53 different countries and regions.

For a list of partner institutions with which Kyoto University has concluded a student exchange agreement, please see here

  1. Asia
  2. North America
  3. Latin America and the Caribbean
  4. Europe
  5. Pacific
  6. Middle East
  7. Africa
  8. Others


Republic of Indonesia

Republic of Singapore

Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Bhutan

Brunei Darussalam

Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Lao People's Democratic Republic

Republic of the Philippines

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal


Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

North America(2)


United States of America

Latin America and the Caribbean(2)

Federative Republic of Brazil

United Mexican States


Italian Republic

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Republic of Austria

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Swiss Confederation

Kingdom of Sweden


Czech Republic

Federal Republic of Germany

Republic of Finland

French Republic

Kingdom of Belgium

Republic of Poland


Kingdom of Norway

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



New Zealand

Middle East(2)

State of Israel

Republic of Turkey


The Republic of the Sudan

Republic of Botswana

Republic of Uganda

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kingdom of Morocco

Republic of Ghana

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

United Republic of Tanzania

Republic of Zambia

Republic of Madagascar


Headquarters in Japan

Headquarters in Kingdom of Thailand

Headquarters in United States of America

Headquarters in Italian Republic

Headquarters in Republic of Indonesia