Exchange and cooperation activities prior to the conclusion of the strategic partnership with the University of Zurich

Year Events Place
2019 The 1st University of Zurich-Kyoto University Joint Workshop (11/27-29)
(Sessions: The Brain, Cancer, The Heart, Platforms, The Kidneys)
Zurich (Switzerland)
2019 Invited lecture (from UZH): Maximal Regularity and nonlinear PDE (3/26-30) Kyoto (Japan)
2018 Joint workshop ”Plant Development and Evolution: from Molecules to Ecosystems” [2/20-22] Zurich (Switzerland)
2016 The 2nd Kyoto-Swiss Symposium (10/31-11/1)
(Sessions: Healthy Aging, Primate Morphology and Behavior, Plants in Changing Environments, Digital Society and the Big Data Era, Investigations into the Disciplines of Japanese and East Asian Art Histories, Regenerative Medicine for Cardiac and Neural Diseases)
Kyoto (Japan)
2016 Joint symposium: Understanding the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of the Robustness and Plasticity of Life Kyoto (Japan)
2014 University-level student exchange agreement concluded between UZH and KU
2014 Departmental MOU concluded between the Clinical Trials Center, Center for Clinical Research (ZKF), University Hospital Zurich (UZH) and the Institute for Advancement of Clinical and Translational Science, Kyoto University Hospital
2013 University-level MOU concluded
2013 The Swiss-Kyoto Symposium 2013 (11/21-22)
(16 sessions: Virtual Ape; Plant and Environment; Finance and Risk; Extentialismus heute; Materials for Energy, Environment and Life; etc.)
Zurich (Switzerland)
2012 Departmental MOU concluded between Vetsuisse Faculty, UZH and Primate Research Institute, KU