Exchange and cooperation activities prior to the conclusion of the strategic partnership with Université de Bordeaux

Year Event Title
2021 4th Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium on line  
2020 JSPS CORE to CORE Program (−2025) International Core-to-Core Project on Mixed Anion Research for Energy Conversion
2019 Authorized Strategic Partnership in the field of African Area Studies, Energy Science, and Medicine  
Strategic Meeting at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  
Concluded strategic partnership agreements with the University of Bordeaux  
2018 Expert meeting of Africanists in Paris  
2017 3rd Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium in Bordeaux  
Double Degree Program (Ph.D. level)  
2016 Initial collaborations in African Area Studies  
Global University Network Meeting for Excellence in Research and Education in Japan and France  
2015 2nd Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium in Kyoto  
SICORP (-2018) “Development of optically active flexible materials based on molecular assembly-templated chiral hybrid nanostructure”
CNRS-LIA (-pressent) “Chiral Nanoobjects for Photonic Applicationà”
2014 1st Kyoto-Bordeaux Symposium in Bordeaux  
Top Global University Project (-present) “Japan Gateway: Kyoto University Top Global Program”
MOU (university level)  
2013 JSPS Bilateral Programs “Development of lightmanagement-material for highly efficient conversion of solar energy”
2007 SEA (department level)  
2006 MOU(department level)  
2004 Initial collaborations in Medicine  
2002 Initial collaborations in Energy Science