National Taiwan University and Kyoto University Strategic Partnership Matching Event (22 December 2021)

The National Taiwan University (NTU) and Kyoto University (KyotoU) Strategic Partnership Matching Event was held online on 22 December 2021. The event was held as an initiative under the Strategic Partnership Agreement that was concluded between the two institutions in August 2020. The Strategic Partnership Agreement aims to build on the close academic ties that have already been cultivated between the two institutions, and facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research collaboration and the promotion of human resource mobility in a diverse range of academic fields. The Strategic Partnership Matching Event was held to raise awareness of a new NTU-KyotoU joint funding program that seeks to promote new research collaboration in multi- and cross-disciplinary academic fields, as well as to accelerate existing research exchange.

Approximately 50 faculty and staff members of the two universities participated in the event, including vice-presidents from both intuitions. The event opened with addresses by Professor Pai Chi Li, vice-president of National Taiwan University, and Professor Yasuyuki Kono, vice-president of Kyoto University. The speeches were followed by an overview of the joint funding program delivered by administrative staff of both universities. Following the overview, three parallel research matching sessions were held. Session 1 focused on life sciences, Session 2 on agriculture and forestry, and Session 3 on material sciences. Each session featured research presentations, and discussions to promote future collaboration.

During the final wrap-up session, representatives from each parallel session group gave a report on their discussions, and outlined their future plans for collaboration under the strategic partnership. The event was then concluded by an address by the two vice-presidents.

A screenshot of the Strategic Partnership Matching Event