Introduction to KUNAC

The North American Center supports Kyoto University’s activities and relationships in the United States and Canada. The Center works on four broad areas of collaboration.

1. Supporting collaborative research:

From its office in Washington DC, the North American Center, together with the San Diego Liaison office, works to collect information on research trends, as well as directions in higher education and academic funding opportunities. The Center also works to help catalyze new areas of research in cross-disciplinary initiatives, while supporting the expansion of Kyoto University’s memoranda of understanding for academic exchange.

2. Supporting student mobility:

KUNAC works to deepen exchange between Kyoto University and North American Partner institutions. This includes exploring new Student Exchange Agreements at the university level, opportunities for short-term programs and linkages between student exchange, research and career development, both to and from Kyoto. KUNAC facilitates communication between faculties and departments interested in establishing student exchange activities, as well.

3. Promote internationalization of faculty, students and staff:

KUNAC is assembling information on opportunities to enhance the career paths of the entire Kyoto University family through exposure to research, education and administration practices in North America. The Center is working with partners to identify novel formats for promoting internationalization with university administration, as a long-term approach to facilitating the international collaboration more broadly.

4. Raise the profile of Kyoto University through networking:

KUNAC has been expanding Kyoto University networks to facilitate the flow of ideas and people between Kyoto and North America. KUNAC is linking up with Kyoto University alumni in North America to enhance exchange, as well as creating on-the-ground linkages with Japanese scientific agencies and institutions of North American intellectual leadership.

Access to Kyoto University North American Center

There are no staff members permanently stationed in the Washington DC office and San Diego Liaison Office of the KUNAC. Please kindly contact us in advance via email if you have any inquiries.

Email: northamericancenter(at)


Washington DC Office

1623 28th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007


San Diego Liaison Office

3F Center for Novel Therapeutics University of California San Diego, Science Research Park 9310 Athena Circle, La Jolla, CA 92037