Kyoto University established the North American Center, located in Washington DC, to provide support to the university’s education, research and public relations activities in the United States and Canada. The four main areas of activity are 1) construction of networks through existing intellectual connections, such as the Kyoto University Alumni clubs 2) expansion of student exchange and collaborative research agreements, 3) support for local implementation of degree programs, short-term programs and other opportunities for academic exchange, and 4) collection and synthesis of information on research trends, developments in academia, funding opportunities and scholarships, as well as developing channels for enhancing the effectiveness of research outreach. We have also established a Kyoto University Liaison office, located on UC San Diego campus, as a coordination point for our West Coast partnerships and activities.

By facilitating opportunities for increased exchange of students, staff and faculty, the North American Center strives to contribute to the ongoing internationalization of Kyoto University, supporting the current generation of global intellectuals and fostering the next generation of global pioneers.



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An Invitation to Study Abroad: Messages from Alumni

  • Shinichiro Uemiya
    1975: Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
    2010: Established the Washington, DC Kyodai Kai Alumni Association
    2015–2018: Chairperson, Washington, DC Kyodai Kai Alumni Association
  • Rin Ishikawa
    2019: Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
    Jan.–Dec. 2017: Student exchange program, University of Kentucky (US)
    Feb.–Mar. 2019: Kingfisher Global Leadership Program