Cross-Cultural Engineering Seminar Series held with University of Florida

The Cross-Cultural Engineering Seminar Series was organized by faculty members of the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University and Department of Engineering Education, University of Florida from October 12th to November 19th.

This seminar series was accredited by OWL program for Kyoto University students.

54 students attended the two-hour online seminars, which provide a short lecture and a group discussion consisting of US-Japan students on the following topics:
(1) Introduction to Cross-Cultural Engineering,
(2) Human Centered Design,
(3) Automation in the 21st Century,
(4) Signal Processing Linguistics: Second Language Accents,
(5) What is the Future of the Home?, and
(6) New Technology & Manufacturing Aimed at Sustainable Society.

Although the actual travel was not realized due to the pandemic, it turned out to be an inspiring opportunity for students from both universities to come into contact with different cultures and ways of thinking through discussions.

*OWL Program: