Director of the Kyoto University North American Center

Message from the Director

The Kyoto University North American Center was established in Washington, DC, in October 2018 to develop the university’s collaborative networks in the US and Canada. The university also has a liaison office on the campus of UC San Diego to support its on-site laboratories and other collaborative efforts with academic institutions on the West Coast.

The North American Center is managed by the International Strategy Office, which is located within the Central Administration on the main campus of Kyoto University. This enables the North American team to coordinate with the university’s academic and administrative departments, as well as its other overseas offices. In this way the North American Center contributes to the promotion of international strategies throughout the entire university. Kyoto University pursues cutting-edge research in both individual and interdisciplinary fields to tackle complex global and social issues. By maintaining offices both on the East and West Coasts of the US, the university aims to maintain robust and active networks with its North American partners in diverse research and education fields.

Student, faculty, and staff exchanges are critical for obtaining an in-depth understanding of global issues. Since early 2020, international academic activities have been severely restricted due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Although we have become accustomed to online communications, it is still vital for people to meet in person and work together side-by-side. The North American Center aims to spearhead a new phase of international academic exchange in the post-coronavirus world, while being conscious of our responsibility as global citizens to achieve a carbon neutral world.

Director of KUNAC

Kaoru Kitajima, PhD

  • Director, Kyoto University North American Center
  • Vice-Director, International Strategy Office
  • Vice-Dean, the Graduate School of Agriculture