Experience Japan in Switzerland(11/12・Lausanne)

On November 12, we presented Kyoto University at the International Study Fair Experience Japan in Switzerland organized by Lausanne University.

The Kyoto University European Center engaged in presenting Kyoto University exchange programs all over the event venue, setting up its own both as well as handing out information to students interested in studying in Japan. Majority of questions were asked about the existence of courses taught in English and the overall exchange system. Additionally, we discussed if the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is accepted as an entrance qualification by many universities worldwide and has its administrative headquarter in Switzerland, could be utilized at Kyoto University as well or help Japanese students and researchers to study in Swiss international schools.

The number of over 160 participants shows that there is a great interest in Japanese universities in Switzerland.




International Study Fair venue Presentation of Kyoto University
Kyoto University booth Lausanne University Campus