Reports by Scholars

Kyoto University European Center provides latest information to scholars and researchers who are interested in studying in Europe or in Japan. It also supports the exchange of researchers between Kyoto University and institutions in Europe.

Researcher Exchange

“Internationalization of research by breaking through the seclusion of knowledge” by Prof. Tatsushi FUJIHARA

Before his return to Japan after spending 3 month at Heidelberg University we met Prof. Tatsushi Fujihara (Associate Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University) to talk about his experience while staying and lecturing in Heidelberg.


High class research and the experience of l’art de vivre in Bordeaux — Erasmus+ as a funding opportunity for research stays in Europe

Shimamoto Tomonari (School of Public Health, Kyoto University) participated in a symposium organized by Kyoto University and Bordeaux University in 2015, which lead to a joint research project in public health. By applying for the EU Erasmus+ program, he was given the chance deepen the collaboration between both universities and research at “Bordeaux Population Health” Research Center. While staying in Bordeaux, he not only experienced an inspiring and open research atmosphere, but also a new way of living in the heart of France.