Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture


The lecture series “Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture” is organized in close cooperation of the Kyoto University European Center, Heidelberg Office, and the Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto, the liaison offices of both universities in Japan and Germany. It aims at promoting and strengthening research exchange between Heidelberg University and Kyoto University


1st Joint LectureHow did the Japanese Language receive the Western Literature in the Meiji Period? –— Looking at “Max und Moritz” and its Latin transliterated Japanese Version “Wampaku monogatari”Kyoto2016–12–20 Program Literature
2nd Joint LectureFiction and Fictionality in Japanese Culture: – Shishōsetsu (I-Novel) and “Otaku” Culture –Heidelberg2017–02–22 Program  Popular Culture
3rd Joint LectureLooking at Japanese History from a Global History Perspective: The Proliferation of Violence – Global Weapons Trade and the Meiji Revolution Kyoto2017–04–19 Program  History
4th Joint LectureChange and Dissolution of the Concept ‘Post-War Period’ in JapanHeidelberg2017–07–07 Program  History
5th Joint LectureIs the Japanese Society becoming a slow society? Various phenomena and discourses in contemporary JapanKyoto2017–11–07 Program  Social Science
6th Joint LectureThe ‘Iron Horses’ that changed the History of Mankind? A History of Tractors in Modern JapanHeidelberg2017–12–12 Program  History
7th Joint LectureWhat matters in 21st century learning: From the Surface to the Deep Structure of Instructional Quality in SchoolsKyoto2018–02–06 Program  Education
8th Joint LectureAdvancement of Vernacular Constructions against Natural DisastersHeidelberg2018–03–20 Program  Disaster Preventions
9th Joint LectureJapan’s southernmost Sue ware pottery center: Recent excavations and interdisciplinary research in the kiln site cluster at Nakadake Sanroku, KagoshimaKyoto2018–03–10 Program  Archeology
10th Joint LectureThe Study of Man as Ethics? Tetsuro Watsuji’s Ethics RevisitedHeidelberg2018–07–19 Program  Philosophy
11th Joint LectureWho are you? Questions from one’s other self — the DoppelgängerHeidelberg2018–10–09 Program  Psychology
13th Joint LectureCanaries and Machines: Security in Collieries, Cities, and the AtmosphereHeidelberg2019–01–17 ProgramHistory
14th Joint LecturePassport regulations and the cross-border mobility in the Japanese empireKyoto2019–03–28 Program  History
15th Joint LectureEcological Anthropology of the Foundation of the Ethiopian Highlands CivilizationHeidelberg2019–06–26 Program  Ethnology
Special EditionHaniwa at Yoshida International House: A house-shaped proto-historic clay artifact from beneath our feetKyoto2019–07–02 Program Archeology
16th Joint LectureLeveraging Clinical Data for Research on a National Scale: The MIRACUM Consortium in the German Medical Informatics InitiativeKyoto2019–12–04 Program  Medicine
17th Joint LectureCoastal Areas: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable DevelopmentKyoto2020–02–14 ProgramSDGs
18th Joint LectureCuriosity-Driven Fundamental Science, Innovation and Transfer: Examples from Metal Ion Based ChemistryKyoto2022–12–13 Program Chemistry