Support for Early Career Researchers

The Kyoto University European Center is supporting Early Career Researchers (ECR) by connecting them with Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA) and various other organizations within Kyoto University to boost their studies and nurture their future careers in research and education.

AI DA (ECR Mobility Program)

AI DA (Ambitious Intelligence ・ Dynamic Acceleration) is a generic name of the programs managed by Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA) in collaboration with international funding agencies and etc., in which we aim to accelerate international carrier development of ambitious early carrier researchers (ECRs). Currently, the DAAD-Kyoto University Partnership Programme towards SDGs provides funding to assist the mobility and network of ECRs in order to foster academic exchange and cooperation between higher education and research institutions in Germany and Kyoto University for the purpose of contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ECR Mobility Support for Research Stays in Europe – JSPS Overseas Research Fellowship 

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is a Japanese independent administrative institution that was founded to advance research in natural and social sciences as well as humanities. One pillars is the support of Japanese and international researcher’s mobility through scholarships and fellowships.

In this regard, JSPS offers the Overseas Research Fellowship offers excellent Japanese early career researchers (ECR). Under this program the Imperial College London ( Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment) and KU Leuven provide ECRs opportunities for long-term stays to widen their international perspective and further their research.

Kyoto University European Center supports early career researchers (ECRs) from Kyoto University who plan a long-term research at the Grantham Institute or KU Leuven by providing:

  1. A letter of recommendation by the Director of Kyoto University European Center
  2. Advice on writing a research plan for the application
  3. Advice for negotiations with host researchers

For further information and to register for the support program please follow this link (Grantham Institute).


”Life as a Scholar: Kyoto University and Beyond”

The Life as a Scholar: Kyoto University and Beyond is a collaborative project of twenty-three organizations at Kyoto University. The page offers a great variety of information for people who want to work as a scholar for the near future at Kyoto University or who would like to branch out in their career. The resources include articles, lists of support programs, and other materials. They are provided based on eight themes in the fields of Research and Educational Activities, Traversing Academic Fields, Cultures, and Sectors in Research, Research and Education Infrastructure as well as Scholars’ Careers to enable an easy access according to individual questions and specific needs.


Program for the Development of Next-generation Leading Scientists with Global Insight “L-INSIGHT

The Program for the Development of Next-generation Leading Scientists with Global Insight (L-INSIGHT) aims to develop, validate, and spread programs to train the next-generation of world-class researchers with global insight who can spearhead new paths to the future.