Reports by Exchange Students

Kyoto University European Center provides latest information to students and researchers who are interested in study in Europe or in Japan. It also supports exchange researchers between Kyoto University and institutions in Europe.


An internship that opened the door for a bright future — M.A student Mizutani Shiroi @ KIT

Kyoto University Department of Nuclear Engineering 2nd year M.A. student specialized on Quantum and Beam Science Mizutani Shiori stayed at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for one an a half month to do an internship from February 19th to March 28th. Because the Kyoto University European Center supported her, we sat down to talk about her experience in Germany after her return to Kyoto.



My Return to Kyoto after the HeKKSaGOn internship

In March 2016, Timo Essig participated in a three weeks internship at Kyoto University within the framework of the HeKKSaGOn Internship Programme to experience Japanese university life and get in contact with Japanese researchers. In December 2018, he returned to Kyoto University as a Postdoc student to give a lecture at the “Research on Topology and Differential Geometry using Singularity Theory of Differentiable Maps” conference. In this article he talks about the development of his career after visiting Kyoto University, its influence on his future as well as his unforeseen but joyful return.



Impressions of HeKKSaGOn Internship Programme at Kyoto University

Until March 2016 the Ph.D. students Francesco Silvestri (Heidelberg University), Timo Essig (Heidelberg University) and Michael Färber (Karlsruhe Insitute for Technology, KIT) took part in an Internship Programme within the Framework of HeKKSaGOn. The Internship Programme aims to promote foreign language and different cultural studies for students of Kyoto University utilizing the HeKKSaGON Consortium by inviting German researchers among three universities in Germany to Kyoto University for several weeks.