The 18th Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture: “Curiosity-Driven Fundamental Science, Innovation and Transfer: Examples from Metal Ion Based Chemistry” (Kyoto University or Online, 13 December)


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter Comba

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Heidelberg University


Distinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa
Director, iCeMS,  Kyoto University

Professor Hiroshi Kitagawa
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Date: 13 December 2022, 18:30–20:00

Venue: Yoshida International Exchange Hall, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University & Online

Language: English


The cultural mission of fundamental science is that it contributes significantly to the creation of knowledge. The progress of knowledge and innovation are of importance for the competition in and between communities: “Every aspect of the world today – even politics and international relations – is affected by chemistry” (Linus Pauling, 1984). Due to the essential social role of knowledge and innovation, science communication and knowledge transfer are of increasing importance. We will discuss curiosity-driven discoveries of fundamental interest for the community of metal ion chemists and reveal, where knowledge transfer has led to innovation of potential interest for society.




Registration & Contact

Deadline: 12 December, 2022

Please send an e-mail containing your name and affiliated organization to the following address:

Heidelberg University Office Kyoto
Telephone: 075-753-5413


* The lecture series “Nichi-Doku Joint Lecture” is organized in close cooperation of the Kyoto University European Center, Heidelberg Office, and the Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto, the liaison offices of both universities in Japan and Germany. It aims at promoting and strengthening research exchange between Heidelberg University and Kyoto University.