EARMA Conference 2017 (April 24-26, Malta)

Kyoto University European Center (Heidelberg Office) reporting from Malta, the small island country in the middle of Mediterranean Sea.
The 23rd annual conference of EARMA (European Association for Research Managers and Administrators) was held at the Mediterranean Conference Center, the 16th Century building used for Knights Hospitaller (Order of Saint John) from April 24 to 26.
This event offers important networking opportunity for research managers to share knowledge on the recent tendency of European education and research, funding scheme such as Horizon 2020, and know-how of successful international project management.
The event was fruitful with 54 small sessions, more than 20 posters and booths and more than 600 research managers/administrators inaugurates for this event.

The joint session “Collaboration with Japan” was co-organized by the University of Amsterdam, JSPS (London research center), JST (Paris office), Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe and Kyoto Universities.

The funding landscape for Japan-EU research collaboration was widely shared among participants together with the example of successful collaboration project of each University. This bottom-up network made by Japanese research managers will explore the new partnership of Japan-EU research collaboration.

See EARMA 2017 program from the link below. (http://www.earmaconference.com/programme-2017/)

TRACK 1 Pre-Award: Proposal Development and Funding Opportunities
TRACK 2 Post Award: Grant Management
TRACK 3 Professional and Career Development; Transferrable Skills
TRACK 4 Post-Award: Research Strategies and Policies, the Global Dimension and Collaboration with non-Academic Partners
TRACK 5 International Collaboration and Funding
TRACK 6 Sponsors/ EARMA

The old town of Valetta

The Mediterranean Conference Center

The Mediterranean Conference Center (Hall)

“Collaboration with Japan” Session
(Presentation by KU-EU Center)

“Collaboration with Japan” Session; Presentors

Closing Ceremony