Information Session for Exchange Students going to Kyoto 2017 (July 12, Heidelberg)

European Center Heidelberg office held an information session for exchange students who are going to go to Kyoto University and students who are interested in studying in Japan at Heidelberg University on 12 July 2017. It is an annual event and approximately 20 students participated this year.

Following opening remarks given by Dr. Jiro Seki, Deputy Director of Research Administrators’ Office at Kyoto University (KURA), Heidelberg Office introduced about Kyoto University and provided basic information on living and studying in Japan, ranging from administrative affairs to matters of daily life. Coordinator Ms. Sabine Schenk from the Heidelberg University Office in Kyoto also provided information on their support.

An exchange student from Kyoto University and a student from Heidelberg University who studied at Kyoto University talked about classes, club activities, events information and the way to make friends with Japanese.

Questions about the aspect of life such as the procedure for application for Japanese language classes, application for Kyoto University International Houses, the way to buy a student commuter pass, permission for part-time jobs came up during a Q&A session.

There was a lot of information worth knowing and students listened carefully, trying not to miss the information.
European Center Heidelberg office will keep organizing an information session to support students who will study at Kyoto University and who are interested in studying in Japan.
Please contact European Center Heidelberg office for questions about studying at Kyoto University anytime.



Opening Remarks

Introduction of Kyoto University

Introduction of  Kyoto Office,
    Heidelberg University 

Introduction of student’s life
at Kyoto University
by an exchange student from Kyoto University

Introduction of student’s life in Japan
by a student from Heidelberg University

Introduction of  Basic Information on Living and Studying in Japan


After the information session, Heidelberg Office held a networking event “Stammtisch”, where Japanese and those who are interested in Japan exchanged their information. Over 30 people joined the event and had a great time. A popular game “Kyoto University Quiz” was conducted with questions such as Kyoto University President Juichi Yamagiwa’s major and the most popular meal at Kyoto University Cafeteria. Kyoto University’s products were presented to winners for Rock-paper-scissors from those who gave right answers.
European Center Heidelberg office will provide opportunities for networking. Please looking forward to next time.


  Kyoto University Quiz at Stammtisch

   Present to a winner