EHESS visit to Kyoto University & KURA × KUEC Academic Research Development Seminar

On 9 October, a delegation from Ecole des Hautes Études En Sciences Sociales (EHESS) consisting of its director Professor Romain Huret and its vice-directors visited Kyoto University.

EHESS and Kyoto University signed a university level Memorandom of Understanding (MoU) and a student exchange agreement (SEA) in 2015. Since then, the universities are actively exchanging students via a joint degree programs and collaborating to support research exchange by organizing events like symposia or workshops.

Kyoto University European Center seized this opportunity to hold the “KURA × KUEC Academic Research Development Seminar”. It was an event for research matching in collaboration with KURA in the topics of AI, and Well-being. Researchers from the Graduate School of Letters, the Graduate School of Informatics and Institute for the Future of Human Society (IFoHS) participated.  Mainly by ECRs presented (early career researchers) presented their research relating to these topics.

During the plenary discussion, a lively exchange of views took place, with various questions and comments being raised. The Kyoto University European Center will support further collaboration in the future.


  • “What is a Good Relationship between Humans and AI?” Prof. Yasuo DEGUCHI (Graduate School of Letters)
  • “Logic of agent in the era of AI” Associate Professor Takuro ONISHI (Graduate School of Letters)
  • “The Changing Role of Statistics & the Scientific Ideals in the ear of AI” Associate Professor Jun Otsuka (Graduate School of Letters)
  • “AI Alignment and Power of Technology” Assistant Professor Han BAO (Graduate School of Informatics)


  • “Introduction of Moonshot Goal 9” Professor Seiji KUMAGAI (Institute for the Future of Human Society)
  • “Independence of well-being” Program-Specific Senior Lecturer Masataka NAKAYAMA (Institute for the Future of Human Society)
  • “Anthropology of 縁 en: bodies, festivities, and community well-being” Program-Specific Senior Lecturer Kengo KONISHI (Institute for the Future of Human Society)