Japan Tag – Forschung und Studium in Japan- (Organized by JSPS Bonn Office, co-organized by Dusseldorf University, Düsseldorf, 05 Nov. 2015)

Kyoto University Heidelberg Office staff participated in the JSPS-Japan Fair 2015 held in Dusseldorf. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Dusseldorf University represented their vital activities for internationalization.

There was a total of 63 participants from 20 Japanese institutions, some of which were from the liaison office in Germany or neighboring countries. The program consists of various presentations and advice at the individual booth for students who have wishes to study in Japan. The fair venue was thronged mostly with students and researchers from Dusseldorf and other cities in Western Germany.

Kyoto University was honorably invited to the “International project on the Japan-German research collaboration” session and gave a presentation on the recent activities of HeKKSaGOn consortium; a university consortium comprised of 3 Japanese universities and 3 German universities. The people’s attention was drawn to the “Winter School” on the natural science field and the joint education with Heidelberg University including the new credit-transfer system.

At the booth of Kyoto University, the KU-Heidelberg office staff made individual advice for visitors about the study in Kyoto, including the information of curriculums, scholarships, and young researchers exchange.

For the detail of this event see the website below.
(JSPS Bonn Office Website、German/English) http://www.jsps-bonn.de/veranstaltungen/informationsveranstaltungen/2015/