Kyoto University ASEAN Center made a presentation for Sophia GED, Bangkok, Thailand.

Kyoto University ASEAN Center made a presentation for Opening Symposium: in Commemorating the Establishment of Sophia GED, Bangkok, Thailand.

Opening Symposium: In commemorating the Establishment of Sophia Global Education and Discovery Co., Ltd. (Sophia GED) was held at The Siam Society, Bangkok, Thailand, on 12 July 2019. On behalf of Kyoto University ASEAN Center, Dr. Taro Sonobe gave a presentation to introduce the Center’s educational exchange and research activities support project during the panel discussion: What universities’ Overseas Offices Can Do?.

For more detailed of information, please check the Sophia GED webpage.

On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Sophia University and especially to Professor Dr. Yasushi Hirosato, Managing Director of Sophia GED for his kind invitation.